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What to Expect When Discussing Hiring Plans withe the Head of Tech?

Season 2: Episode 4

Later the same day I met the Head of Engineering. He was eager to understand my strategy and especially how I can help him streamline his hiring processes and fast track the tech recruitment. I knew meeting with him was by far my most important meeting so far as he was the person I was about to work very closely with.

I rushed to the 3rd floor where the engineering team was located and took a place in a small office cabin, waiting for the Engineering Head to wrap up his meeting. I briefly went through my notes, re-reading the hiring process I had jotted down on them. When he walked in, he quickly congratulated me on my joining the company and without wasting another second he wrote down his hiring numbers in the white board.

This is what was written on the white board:

Once he finished writing he clarified that there were another 25 roles, which were for contract hires. Then he went on:

  • I expect you to expand your recruitment team by hiring couple of extra full time recruiters or maybe you can use few contractors so we can fast track the hiring

  • Let me know how and where I can help you with any information, you have my full support

  • Let’s come up with a tracker (sheet) where we can track the hiring on a weekly basis

As he was speaking I began to realized that everything was gaining equal priority. Should I be building the startup brand? Should I be putting my time in setting up the recruitment process or should I be focusing on achieving such a huge hiring target?

While my head was still spinning, he stood up to leave the room. But before he walked out he quickly asked: “ Can you start off by organizing a hiring [recruitment] weekend Interview drive for the Sr Software Engineering role?”

He wanted me to line up around 30 candidates for Interview in any one of the upcoming weekends. I walked out of the room wondering:

Should I now focus on the weekend drive for Sr Software Engineer role? Should I check on improving the Interview process or should I first plan the sourcing mix for the year’s forecast? How do you eat a whale? One bite at a time.

There was only one solution. I had to prioritize, multitask, delegate and coordinate.

My next stop, meeting will be with the current RPO recruitment team who will have to come to my rescue and give me answers to tons of unanswered questions.


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