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Season 1: Episode 3: 8 Days before my joining date

The thought of joining this startup made me feel excited and nervous at the same time. “I will be hiring 1000 people in the next 1 year, can you believe that?” I used the opportunity to boast a little about it to my family and friends. “After all you don’t get to hire in such numbers every day” I thought proudly.

A good friend of mine, a software engineer at a large multinational who overheard my boasting, asked, “Which startup are you joining? Haven’t heard the name before.”

I gave her a detailed explanation about the company’s interesting product and the industry problems they are trying to solve. I must have done a great job selling the opportunity to her because she jumped excitedly ‘Shall I give it a try and apply with them?’

“Fantastic!” I said. “You will be my first hire”. And there we went searching for the open jobs with the startup.

We started with the company’s main page but there were no jobs nor a career page. All we could find was a couple of very old job openings on the bottom of the main company page. “That is disappointing” I thought.

While she was struggling to find any other job openings in google, on the back of my mind I made a mental note “Discuss the Career Page.”

I kept on thinking “They need a career page with interesting information about the company, the teams and the problems they are trying to solve. If they don’t do it, then how can they expect all marketing efforts to attract talent. It will all be wasted”.

Now my mind was racing faster. More questions were popping up, such as:

  1. Apart from Vendor agencies how are they currently receiving applications? Any other channels?

  2. Do they keep a track on how many profiles they receive from the current job section on the main page?

  3. Can they track which department receives more profiles through the jobs section of the main page?

  4. What will be the conversion rate (the number of hires) from this job section on the main page?

I quickly noted down these exciting questions in my notebook so I don’t forget them. In a second I felt somehow more responsible about the Recruitment role I would be playing.

“I wish I had a mentor to help me with all this”!

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