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Season 1: Episode 6: 5 Days before my joining date

With less than a week before my official joining, little did I know what was happening back there at the startup.

While co-founder [1] who was in charge of finance was looking down at his financial reports. All he could see was that the spending on recruitment was extremely high. That made it even more difficult for him to decide on the hiring budget for the next 12 months.

He was wondering, “How can I measure the ROI on this hiring cost? Were we within the allocated budget or did we overspend? Let me discuss this with the other co-founders”.

Later in the evening when all co-founders were gathered together Co-founder 1, shared his concerns about the high recruitment costs.

“The main reason for us to decide and build our own in house recruitment team was to bring down our hiring costs. With Maria’s joining us soon i believe our recruitment team is ready to continue the hiring without using any vendor agency support.”

“We cannot stop using the vendor agencies just like that” the COO spoke up. “It is important that we keep making use of their expertise and moreover they play the role of a brand ambassador when speaking to candidates out there”.

“But how do you measure the ROI here?’ Co-founder [1] argued back. “This is an important question to which we haven’t found the right answer yet. It is true that we have hired a lot of our employees through the vendors but does that mean that the agencies did a good job?”

“Fair point.” COO said. “We don’t yet have the exact metrics in place yet but with the in house recruitment team hiring costs will drop.”

Co-founder [1] shot back, ‘How will you know that the in-house recruitment team justifies the hiring costs spent at the end of the year?” Apart from that, I also would want to know what the brand value of the company is among the candidates out there?”

“This is quite right” Co-founder 2 spoke up. “I heard startups are spending on Recruitment branding. I’m not much aware of it but we need a proper plan in place before we decide to spend there. Would our yet to join Head of HR have an expertise in that?”

‘I doubt. She’s more of a generalist. But Maria will know how to go about this” the COO answered.

Unaware of these discussions, I was preparing myself in my own way. I was very clear that I need a mentor who will guide me through, asking the right questions, helping me focus on the right problem statements.

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