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Meeting the Co-founders

Season 2: Episode 2

After a tiring day 1 on the job, I was hoping the next day to be even more productive. That evening I went through my notes and I was gathering my data. I will be meeting my most important stakeholders from the departments: Engineering, Product & Design (overlooked by Co-founder 1) and Finance, Sales/Marketing & Operation (overlooked by Co-founder 2).

Next morning I was in the office on time waiting for the co-founders to come and start our discussion. Luckily, they were all on time and asked me to join them in a meeting room.

They inquired how my Day 1 went and after the chit chat they said, ‘we will give you our hiring numbers and you can kick start immediately’. The respective leaders have been instructed to reach out to me and start with sharing the first job openings with me.

Co-founder[2] said, ‘until the moment you expand the team, let us have recruiters on contract to keep the hiring up to speed’. This sounded to me like a good idea. With a smile, he added, ‘on the day when we made you the offer, I shared with you that our objective for the year is according to the below three points. So let's focus on that. We want:

1. To scale up our hiring and expand the team from 500 to 1500 this year

2. To build our presence in the market [we don’t have much brand presence]

3. To cut down the cost on hiring as most of the hiring was done through the support of vendor agencies.

As I have already been preparing for this discussion, I excitedly told them that I have a plan for which I need their help. So I took out my notes and asked the same questions which I saw in my dream [Season 1: Episode 2]. The co-founders had an answer for everything

1. Which department and what is the hiring number breakup?

Co-founders response: Will mail you the details

2. What is the quarterly breakup of the hiring?

Co-founders response: All the positions are on priority, let’s target to fill them all in soon

3. What is the brand value currently? Which tools are we using to measure the brand presence?

Co-founders response: We haven’t measured that from candidate’s perspective yet

4. What was the sourcing mix last year?

Co-founders response: Ask the current recruitment team

5. Which tool we use to track recruitment metrics?

Co-founders response: We use only excel sheets

6. What was the recruitment spent last year? What is the cost per hire?

Co-founders response: More than 1.6 crore or $200k excluding logistics and travel [but we want to define the metrics here to track the recruitment cost]

7. What is the Quality of Hire score?

Co-founders response: We never measured it

8. Do we have any data to help analyze the past performance of the hiring?

Co-founders response: Connect with the recruitment team

Co-founder [1] said with an encouraging smile: ‘Why don’t you first gather some insights from the team and then get in touch with us again? That would be a better way to start with the planning”.

The discussion with the co-founders didn’t go according to my plan. I kept thinking about the next steps I had to take.


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