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Meeting My Mentor

Season 1: Episode 9: 1 Day before my joining date

A day before my joining, I received an email from the startup. It was regarding the agenda for the day of joining. As I was studying the email suddenly i felt put off. I noticed that I was marked in BCC. I immediately knew that they have sent the same email to all new joinees marking us all in BCC.

“Isn’t that a disappointing experience?” I thought. “Wouldn’t it make more sense if they had addressed each candidates with their first name and personalized the email? Maybe the person sending the email couldn’t send personalized bulk email so she had just added everyone in BCC”. Another branding problem. I made a note of it.

I started my day quite demotivated. This email gave me a sneak peak of how the current team is operating. Branding is all about consistency. Everything from the content of your emails to how you talk to candidates about the company must look and feel the same. Recruitment is after all the very first step in positioning the company while interacting with a prospective hire.

To put my mind off things, I decided to go out and do some shopping. As fate would have it, I bumped into the lady that had organized the Recruitment 2.0 meetup. Her name was Zoya and in my head she was already my new mentor, only she didn’t know that.

She invited me for a coffee in a nearby cafe and we chatted for awhile. I told her how excited I was about joining the startup and she sounded truly happy for me.

Out of curiosity I asked her something i have been meaning to ask for awhile now: “How come you are so knowledgeable on the subject of Recruitment? What do you do for a living?”

She said, “Currently I’m on a break. I’m writing a book on Recruitment. Regarding my knowledge, well i have gained it over hundreds of discussions with Recruitment Leaders and startup co-founders. All that has given me quite a clarity on the current problems companies are facing in their hiring.”

Zoya had many interesting stories to share, but what she said next would remain with me for the years to come.

We are so focused on solving the complex problems of the future that we forget to solve the simple issues we have right now.”

For the second time i felt excited and motivated by her words. My thoughts dwindled back to the email i had received earlier today from the startup, where I was BCC-ed as one of the many nameless joinees. More than ever I needed her help. I heard myself asking “Zoya, from day 1 i’m impressed with your knowledge on Recruitment and I have been meaning to ask you. Would you mind acting as my mentor and offer me your guidance in this journey I’m about to embark upon?”’

She took some time to think then gently nodded her head in acceptance.

Out of excitement, I took out and showed her all the notes I had made in the past days, from my interview experience with the startup to the plan I had made for the leadership team. We discussed some more on it and we said our “goodbyes”.

I was thrilled. "I finally have a mentor. Startup, here I come".

‘But how would day 1 be tomorrow’?

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