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Meeting My Manager

Season 2: Episode 1:

Day 1 (after the induction day was over) on my new job was not exactly how I imagined it to be. I knew the company was a startup and that there might be chaos and ad-hoc activities but I wasn’t prepared for how the day was about to pan out.

According to the agenda, my kick off program was supposed to finish at 12:30pm. However, due to unexpected unavailability of one of the hosts of the induction program, the event was rescheduled for after lunch. After completing the 1st half of the day, we were asked to leave for lunch in the company’s cafeteria [which was arranged by the company - only for this first day].

As a new employee, not knowing anyone around I spent most of my time alone, observing and making mental notes of how one might feel as a new joinee on his/her day 1. I was wondering: Is this how did the company engage new employees on their very first days and would the employee feel he/she had made the right choice of employer? I felt lonely. After completing lunch I came to a small office cabin, took a seat awaiting the rescheduled morning session to begin.

The session was engaging and all attendees were asked to meet their respective managers, in my case it was a meeting with the COO. As luck will have it, I had to sit and wait around until I could get a hold of him. After he finally came and introduced himself, he suggested that I get the laptop from the IT team.

At the IT desk, I could see a small crowd standing but it because it was their last working day they were there to return their laptops. While waiting in the queue I nonchalantly asked one of the IT guys, behind the counter how many laptops are returned each day. He smiled and said: ‘quite a few’. In my head it clicked. Aha, I should check the attrition data.

When I met the COO again, it was already early evening. He suggested that we wrap up the day by walking me through the business units of the company and its most important for me stakeholders, people I was to meet in the coming days and weeks.

As he was vigorously explaining the organization, I felt I was overwhelmed with so much information (I was making a note of every word he was saying). I noted down their names. A question was running in my head: how to get their email ID/contact details etc with no one around to help me? During our discussion with the COO, he received multiple calls and had to respond to mails. I couldn’t help but wonder: Would he have any time for me, considering his jam packed agenda?

The COO was very clear about the aggressive hiring plans of the company and all I had was 2 weeks to get up to speed. I shared with him my thought process and ideas and he showed his appreciation. Before I knew it, time was up. I felt a little disappointed as I was just getting my presentation started. I wanted to share all of my facts and figures collected from the past 10 days. As he stood up and was about to leave we agreed that I put my views across to the other co-founders & the rest of the leadership team.

What a day i had! I felt tired and yet excited about the upcoming discussion with the co founders tomorrow. I knew they would love my findings.


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