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Questions Answered Through a Dream

Season 1: Episode 2: 9 Days before my joining date

Buying the phone with the features I wanted was easy. Figuring out the right questions for the startup’s founders was something that kept me awake at night for days. I tried googling but couldn’t find anything relevant to help myself out.

I tried thinking of other friends Recruiters who can might be able to help me come up with those questions.. Thinking about all this made me sleepy and I must have dozed off.

“Are you ready to face your founders on Monday?” a voice boomed out of nowhere

“What is that, who are you? How do you know about the startup? I heard myself asking

“Do you need help on asking the right questions?” the voice asked

Still confused I asked the voice “Yes, yes, but how can you help me?”

“If you want to achieve your hiring target by the end of the year, analyze the past hiring numbers and look for trends. Create a quarterly hiring plan and define the metrics you will use to measure your progress”.

“In your 30min discussion with the founders, start by asking the following questions. But do not forget, to get the right results you need a data driven response, you need numbers”

  1. How many people are you hiring for each department

  2. How many of these hires are then per quarter.

  3. What is the current brand value of the company?

  4. Which tools are they using to measure that?

  5. What was the sourcing mix last year?

  6. Which tools (if any) do they use to track recruitment metrics?

  7. How much was spent last year on recruitment? What is the cost per hire?

  8. Do we have any data to help us analyze the past hiring performance, such as which source contributed the most to our hiring? Where do we have the highest ROI (return on investment)?

The objective is to understand the effort that went into recruitment & branding of the organization. Think of me again once you finish your discussion.”

Suddenly, I woke up. “Was It all a dream?”

“A dream that came to my rescue and helped me get clarity on the discussion with the founders. And that voice, whose voice was that?”

“He said, to get the best results, search for the numbers and be data driven. Won’t forget, great learning”.

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