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During an Interview, Who is Interviewing Whom?

Season 1: Episode 4: 7 Days before my joining date

As my date of joining was nearing, I decided to write down my thoughts and get a clear picture of what I should focus on once I officially join the Recruitment team of the startup.

My thoughts went back to the half day of interview I had with all stakeholders. There were 5 interview rounds each lasting for about 1 hour. Each Interviewer zoomed into a specific problem statement which helped me understand his/her expectations. Here is how the interview was structured and the questions that were asked:

1st Interview Round | Interview Panel: Head of Engineering

His Questions were:

  1. How did you manage the stakeholders at your previous organization?

  2. Did you use any tool to gain visibility in the open job’s pipeline or did you use excel sheets to manage the candidates’ data?

  3. What kind of reports would you provide to your stakeholders with respect to their hiring?

  4. How would you evaluate an interviewer’s performance?

2nd Interview Round | Interview Panel: Chief Operating Office [Also responsible for HR]

His Questions were:

  1. How would you evaluate a Recruiter’s performance?

  2. How would you improve the sourcing skills of your team members?

  3. How would you estimate the cost per hire?

3rd Interview Round | Interview Panel: One of the co-founders [Responsible for Finance & Non tech]

His Questions were:

  1. How do you think a Recruiter can cut down the cost of hiring?

  2. How can you optimize bulk hiring?

  3. How would you evaluate vendor agencies performance?

4th Interview Round | Interview Panel: Another co-founder [Responsible for Technology, Product & Analytics]

His Questions were:

  1. What was your sourcing mix in your previous organization?

  2. What is your offer to joinee ratio?

  3. What is the average Time to Fill for the Engineering team?

5th Interview Round | Interview Panel: HR Business Partner

His Questions were:

  1. How would you drive an employee referral program?

  2. How would you track & analyze employee referral success metrics?

  3. How would you measure Candidate experience post taken interview?

I remember that it was not the job role itself that made me enthusiastic to join the startup. There was so much more to it. They didn’t just need another pair of hands to source profiles and call candidates.

They needed someone, a problem solver who finds answers to the problems revealed in their interview questions. It became clear to me that a Recruiter in a startup plays an instrumental role in the startup’s success or failure.

Looking back, I must admit, I did not have answers to all of their questions but I knew I would figure out the solutions on the go. I just had to keep in mind to be data driven and use hiring numbers to make decisions.

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