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Season 1: Episode 8: 3 Days before my joining date

After attending the Recruitment meet up I was feeling fully charged up. I had taken the contact details of the meetup organizer and we had agreed to soon meet again. To get things clear in my head before joining the startup I wanted to create the same strategy that Steve Jobs had implemented for Apple.

From experience I had learned to:

  • Focus on Internal brand to build an external brand

  • Give an opportunity first to Internal employees before giving it to external candidates

So when I meet the leadership team it is important that in our discussion I focus on 3 steps:

  1. Step1: We breakdown the effort of Recruitment & Branding for both Internal employees & External candidates. Then we define the quadrants

  2. Step 2: For quadrants, I should ask the leadership team on which areas within Recruitment & Branding we must focus our efforts. I can understand this based on their vision/expectations for the next year.

  3. Step 3: Once we are clear on the plan, I will break it down further into quarterly targets and define the metrics to measure the ROI

But hold on, this plan is good to start with. What about the information I need to analyze the past recruitment performance? These insights will help me plan better? So let me ask for:

  • Recruitment reports

  • Costs spent on recruitment efforts

  • Vendor performance reports

  • Recruitment branding effort & outcomes

I hope this information will be good enough to start off with.

But what is the recruitment team currently doing? Let me Google if they have posted any jobs out there. It might give me a perspective on how they write their job descriptions or how they promote the company.

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