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Does the Recruitment Process Impact HRBP's? How?

Season 2: Episode 3

My excitement on the new job was slowly evaporating. The amount of answered questions was quickly piling up and all I could hear from my direct colleagues was “ ask Siya, she might know”.

I decided it was time to meet Siya, the HR Business Partner who has been with the organization for a long time and knew all stakeholders better than anyone else.

I invited Siya for a tea. My first impressions were that she seemed like a “ to the point” person who had logical explanations about almost everything. She was also curious about my experience as a “newbie”. I tried my best to come across as excited about the startup as I was on day 1.

We chatted for awhile and just before we parted ways in a curious note, I asked Soya about her role and goals as HRBP.

”As the company is a startup, I’m more of a generalist HRBP. However my focus areas are: Employee Engagement & ‘Talent Management”.

“So, how does the Recruitment team help you here?” I asked.

She cautiously looked around and said in a lowered voice: “I’m afraid, recruitment hasn’t been much of help lately. They mainly use RPO support’.

“I see Siya, but how does the recruitment team give visibility to the stakeholders, including you?” I asked

‘Oh, there is no such visibility here, she laughed.

“Recruitment team shares a tracker, which is nothing but an excel sheet with updates on the positions they are working on and the candidate’s pipeline.

However, the main issue here is, we have many hiring managers and I tend to get confused with numerous excel sheets being shared through email’.

“Do you mind if I see these excel trackers”? I asked

“Sure. I can share them but which one do you want to see?” Recruiters work with multiple vendors to support multiple hiring managers. Weekly once, when they share their reports I am marked in CC. That’s all the visibility i can give you” she gave an awkward smile.

“Siya, if you are not receiving data and visibility from the recruitment team then how are you able to do your job? Isn’t that...hmmm impossible?’

Ah, Maria, I’m glad you are able to see that. This is how it currently works:

1. Hiring managers have targets to achieve when it comes to their product releases. If they don’t receive support from the recruitment team, they cannot hire people. Hence this affects the product releases. Hiring managers come and complain to me about this. My job is to try and find a way out. Unfortunately I don't have any data to analyze and see where exactly the problem is.

2. If I have to do bench marking of our internal talent with the market (competitors), I need data. We don’t have a budget to pay external agencies to do this bench marking for us and even then their findings wouldn’t have been as useful as the data from the recruitment.

3. As everything is budgeted, I want to track the number of positions opened by hiring manager, if it is approved or not, whether it is a back fill or its a new role. All this information I currently cannot see.

4. I don’t know if our employees are aware of the current job openings in the organization so that they can refer someone. This actually hampers our employee referrals of our sourcing mix

She suddenly stopped and looked at her watch. “Sorry Maria, have to rush now, but let’s catch up soon again. I forgot to welcome you to our Recruitment team” she smiled and walked away.

I really enjoyed this conversation. I could see that unhappiness with the Recruitment team was forming a pattern.


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