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D-Day of Joining

Season 1: Episode 10: My Day of joining

In the evening, after all the shopping that day, I felt exhausted. I crashed in my bed reliving the meeting with my mentor Zoya. The phone rang. It was someone from the customer care team from the company where I had purchased my new phone a couple of days ago. The Customer Care Executive asked me some general questions such as:

  • Is the phone working fine?

  • Any technical glitches so far?

Before hanging up, she said she had just emailed me their survey link and asked if I would review my experience there.

After the call, I somehow felt happy. This little sign of attention felt like they really care about their customers. It was not just about selling a phone, it was about making sure I was still happy with their service.

My mind dwindled off to the startup again. "Why didn’t anyone follow up with me after I accepted the offer letter. I’m about to join the startup tomorrow and yet no one bothered to check on me if I’m still joining. Do they really care about me?" I made a note in my notepad again “Candidate experience & follow up post offer acceptance”.

This led me to another question. "I wonder what others are sharing about their interview or work experience with the startup".

I checked Glassdoor but there was no such company profile. The LinkedIn company page was as bad. There was not much shared on it and the shared content was rather outdated.

Now I was thinking out loud. “This startup is employing smart people but it seems they have not focused on the right platforms for branding and exposure”. The scribbles in my notepad were increasing fast.

Next morning, I woke up in a very positive frame of mind. I felt excited on my 1st day with the startup. In an earlier email it was mentioned that I should be present at the reception at 9am so I made sure I reached on time.

I was welcomed by the security guard and he escorted me to sit in a waiting room which was quickly filling up with other people joining the organization that day.

At around 9.30am a member of the HR team walked in and announced that the induction session would start at 10am. Suddenly there was restlessness in the room.

“If the session was scheduled for 10am then why were we all informed to be present at 9am and wait for a whole hour? I thought irritated. At 10am the HRBP gathered us all in a room and introduced the agenda for the day.

To my disappointment, the day was poorly structured. The session started with an outdated power point presentation where the information on the recent funding was also missing.

If I had to summarize my experience that day all I could say is: The HR people leading the induction session that day arrived too late. The rest of the day was ad hoc and chaotic like in a typical startup.

I realized that before our recruitment team does anything we need to have:

  • Clear focus on where to start, which problems to focus on

  • Commitment and buy in from the leadership team on all our initiatives

If we don’t do that then all efforts will be for nothing.

Wondering what I did after the induction session was over?

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