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Asking the Right Hiring Questions

Season 1: Episode 1: 10 Days before my joining date

After spending 2 years as a Recruiter I came across an opportunity to work for an interesting startup. The company already had 500 employees and was growing so fast that the only thing i could hear during my interview with them was “ how can you help us scale up fast”?

“Scaling up” a buzz word of the startup world that made me both nervous and excited at the same time.

When I finally met the founders they sounded very clear in their expectations. They said: “You will join our small recruitment team. Considering our fast growth we have been counting mainly on the support of recruitment vendor agencies. But our goal is with you joining the team, to help us grow a larger and stronger in-house recruitment team. Our goal is to:

  • Scale up our hiring and expand the team from 500 to 1500 employees this year

  • Build our brand in the market [we currently don’t have much of a brand presence to speak of]

  • Cut down the cost on hiring (as mentioned earlier, most of the hiring has been done through the support of vendor recruitment agencies.

While the founding team was sharing their plans with me, I kept silent. My mind racing, thinking “From 500 to 1500, that is hmm..1000 new hires this year. Is this 350+ new joinees every month? Wow! How and where to even start?”

Later in the day, I went home and I kept wondering. “How to go about this problem statement?” I have less than 10 days to figure this out, before I joined.

While sipping coffee I took my laptop and started searching online for a new phone. “I might need one at my new job”. I turned my head and saw my mom standing next to me.

“What are you looking for?” she asked.

“New phone with good camera” I said

“What do you mean by good camera Maria? Be more specific. List what your new phone must be able to do, compare with your current phone’s features and decide which features add most value to you”.

At that moment, it hit me. “I should have asked the founders the right questions”.

Which questions are the right questions to ask?

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