Talent Acquisition Platform

To keep your Hiring Managers happy with insights

iClickats eliminates messy recruitment trackers, captures all your candidates' and jobs data. For a Recruiter who doesn't enjoy number crunching, reporting becomes a piece of cake.


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Built by Recruiters who Scaled up Unicorn Startups

With it’s auto generated reports, iClickats.com is a one stop solution for all your Recruitment needs. It not only eases the life of Recruiters and Hiring Managers but it also helps you come up with better recruitment strategies. 


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Captures Every Move

From an anonymous web visitor, through the Interview process, to getting him hired 

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Real Time Insights

No number crunching nor Excel knowledge required. No questions left unanswered

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Ready To Use Report Templates

Easy to understand, ready made colorful graphs and charts. Automate in a snap

Start Driving Your Hiring in 4 Easy Steps

1.Leverage your Brand  2.Engage Candidates  3.Excite Hiring Manager  4. Analyze & Optimize

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Leverage your Brand

From attracting talent through your customized Career Site to empowering your existing employees to Refer a Friend, iClickats captures every source into an easy to use Report. 

Job page views, applications received through Career site or other Sourcing channels are all available in real time.

Learn more about the iClickats "On the Go" Branding Options 

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Engage Candidates

Engaging potential hires is in the heart of successful hiring

From keeping candidates informed throughout the interview process to automating the interview reminders iClickats enables you to create a great candidate experience time and time again.

Learn more about the iClickats Interview Drip Campaign

Excite Hiring Manager

Keeping your stakeholder happy doesn't have to be that hard.

Hiring Managers want to have insights in the progress of their jobs pipeline and how close they are to a hire. iClickats helps you convert boring numbers into meaningful and insightful data. Easy, done in minutes, all real time.

Learn more on how to share with Hiring Manager automated Reports

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Analyze & Optimize

85% of the companies hiring do not know how to capture recruitment data and improve their hiring process.

iClickats offers you 15 predefined report templates with graphs and visuals enabling your to find an answer to all your own and Hiring Manager's questions. Analyze which sourcing channels contribute to the most of your hiring. 

Dive deep into your Reports and discover insights like why Candidates decline your offers.

Powerful Dashboard

All your action items on one place. Start with tasks that need your immediate attention

Smart Talent Booster

1click access to your database while browsing social media and job boards

Customizable Career Site

Add text, images, videos, candidate testimonials. Customize it all, just the way you want.

More Data Driven Addons 

That Help You Keep All Your Stakeholders Happy with Minimum Effort


Keep all incoming and outgoing mails of Candidates saved directly in their profile

Calendar Sync

Save 80% more time by Syncing your Hiring team calendars 


Never lose an important Candidate file. Upload directly in his profile. 

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“After using numerous tools, iClickats.com seems to be one of the best options available in market today. The emphasis on reports and analytics is brilliant and very well thought through. The ATS not only helps recruiters to track their activity but also empowers the business with really valuable insights.”


I   Aastha

“iClickats.com empowers recruiters to answer all of their Hiring Manager's question without the number crunching. The reports do not only capture every applicant in your pipeline but the beautiful graphics makes it easy to understand trends and helps the team act where it is required. ”


I   Raginee